CAMpRA Aires & Services

The group CAMpRA have decided they are not going to show the map I created with all the Aires they have promoted. It has been agreed that I can display it and have therefore added it to this website so that everyone can use it, for free.

It shows Aires (Parking areas like they have in France) with & without MH services where you can empty your toilet, get water and maybe empty Grey waste. Also locations of MH service points where you can empty your toilet, get water and maybe empty Grey waste many of these are on campsites, therefore it's recommended you call first to avoid disappointment as they may be busy and unable to accommodate you.

It also contains places you can park overnight & sleep in your MH but without services.

Tap/Click Left Hand box for Legend & Map Info. Tap/Click Right Hand box for Full Google Map with search


An Aire is a parking area signed to indicate motor caravan overnight parking is allowed - with or without services. There must be no restriction on sleeping and no advanced booking (reservations with 24 hours are allowed)

1) A campsite with a separate overnight parking area for motor caravans is classed as a campsite with an Aire.

2) A site with a water supply and waste disposal point, but no overnight parking, is classed as a motor caravan service point, not an Aire. Please do not use chemicals use only green toilet fluid.

Zoom into the area you want explore to separate the icons.

Leave no trace and no camping behavior. Please note that it is PARKING that is permitted not camping, no chairs, tables,

B-B-Q's generators etc.

If you know of any that are wrong, or others I have not included please email me at px07(add the correct symbol)

If you are recommending a new addition please make sure sleeping is allowed otherwise it will not be added.

Free to view but my personal maps so no share.